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This section provides several charts and web links that may be useful when looking to improve lighting installations and light fixtures for your house.


Recommended amount of light (flux) for different zone types:

This chart gives you the amount of light required for any surface, depending on the type of zone of your house you are looking at. For example, if you want to change the lamps in your garage, you first look at the black curve. For a 42 m² garage, you will need to obtain lamps that produce collectively around 3 000 Lm.

 Cost comparison between the several lamp technologies

This chart shows the relative costs of four lighting technologies - incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, compact fluorescent and LED lamps. The purchase cost of the lamp once it has reached its lifetime is taken in account, as well as an electricity price of 0.23 $/kWh. It is based on lifetimes of 1000 hours for incandescent lamps, 2000 hours for halogen, 25000 hours for LED, and 8000 hours for CFL; an incandescent price of $1, halogen price of $4, LED price of $50, and CFL price of $6.

This chart is commonly used by individuals who wish to compare technologies and plan to change some of their lamps at home.

 Illuminance levels at different task distances for a 24° beam angle directional lamp

This diagram is useful for determining the illuminance levels (in lux) and the area that will be illuminated at different distances from a 24° beam angle light source.

Note that for a directional lamp which puts out the same amount of light (in lumens), but with a larger beam angle, the lux values on the surface will decrease (and vice versa).

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