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Light Naturally is the first port of call for many Australian and State Government Departments, specialised lighting industry organisations and lighting designers, developers and architects.

Clients have included:

     Australian Federal Government
         - Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Queensland Government
         - Department of Mines and Energy
         - Department of Public Works

Local Governments
         - Brisbane
         - Gold Coast
         - Moreton Bay
         - Sunshine Coast

        ·         Australian Customs

        ·        Electrical Distributors
         - ENERGEX
         - Ergon
        Lighting Manufacturers
         - Optiled, Hong Kong
         - Zumtobel
         - Orca Solar

        ·         Lighting Designers, Developers and Architects
         - Eric Hebron Architects
         - MCG Consultants
         - Rudds
         - Anthony John Group
         - Architecture Practice Academy
         - Light Matters

        Law Firms
         - Barry & Nilsson
         - Carter Newell

        ·        Universities
         - Queensland University of Technology
         - University of Sydney
         - Deakin University
         - City University, Hong Kong

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