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Megan O'Loughlin - Lighting Research Scientist

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Megan O'Loughlin - Lighting Research Scientist

Megan graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2011 with a Graduate Certificate in Lighting. She also completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons) in Physics two years prior.  Currently working closely with QUT’s Photometry group, Megan has a view of entering a Doctorate in Daylighting in the near future.


As a Lighting Research Scientist at Light Naturally, Megan will be involved in a number of projects including:


  • South East Queensland Energy Efficient Street Lighting Project
  • Regional Queensland Energy Efficient Street Lighting Project
  • DEWHA projects including the incandescent phaseout, residential lighting monitoring and rating projects, and review of Australian Standards for various lamp technologies

Prior to joining Light Naturally, Megan worked in a variety of jobs including work as a QUT Xtreme Science Ambassador, visiting schools around South East QLD to deliver interactive science workshops; she also worked as a technician and research assistant in the QUT Photometric Laboratory. 


Megan has a passion for outdoor activities and often spends her free time canoeing, paddling and rock climbing.

Contact Megan:

P: 07 3844 0602

M: 0404 841 209


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